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Koozies, many different styles!

All of our koozies are made of neoprene (wetsuit material). We offer zippered Koozies for Beer Bottles or the foldable collapsible type for cans. Our Bottle Coozie with draw string and swivel clip will fit standard size water bottles, tall cans,and it even fits tall patio glasses for those who prefer to drink from a glass.

If you're a wine drinker we have the elegant Wine Coozie with zipper and non skid bottom. We even have a Jumbo Bottle Bag that holds many different large bottles including wine and 1 liter water bottles as well as many other large bottle sizes. We have a large selection of stock images to choose from. Or if you have your own Koozie image you can send it to us through our Custom Order shopping system. The low minimum order of 12 pieces is all you need to order when using your own art work.

If you would like to personalize each koozie with something different we offer a unique service where you can customize 1 koozie or as many as you like. There is no minimum order! Go to Shopping for that service. If you have any trouble using our Custom shopping system or our Regular Shopping Cart please feel free to Contact Us. We will be more than happy to help you with all your koozie needs.

Beer Koozies

Beer Koozies keep your beer bottle cold in the warmest weather, simply place your bottle in and zip it up for a sleek snug fit. This 100% Neoprene Zippered Koozie has excellent insulating properties that leave the coldest bottle dry to the touch, and keep your beer and coolers cold. If you like Bacardi Breezers™ or Smirnoff Ice™ coolers these will fit your drinks just right. They are built with a rubber non-skid bottom for stability at the beach, on the boat, and around the pool. Choose from our many Stock Images or upload your own art work. We offer Personalized Koozies for weddings, birthdays, retirements or any other special occasion. Don't forget you can even order 1 if that's all you need!

Water Bottle Koozies

Bottle Koozies keep drinks cold in the warmest weather. They will easily fit on any standard size Water, Soda, Beer and Cooler bottle. These come with a draw string to tighten around whatever size bottle you use and a handy belt loop and swivel clip for hands free use. Clip it to the outside of your golf bag for easy access. They are great on the golf course, on the boat and in the car. No need to be drinking warm water this summer when you're driving in your car or driving that golf ball!

Can Koozies

These Can Koozies keep cans cold in the warmest weather with their machine-washable 100% neoprene construction. This collapsible can Koozie has excellent insulating properties and will keep any can free of condensation, while maintaining the perfect tempurature. They come with a bottom and are foldable for easy storage in your pocket or your purse. The most popular style today due to their low price which makes them a great gift for any party or special occassion. Even though they are designed to fit a standard can they also will fit on a beer bottle!

Koozie Slap

Slap Koozies will fit any normal sized can or bottle, and will retain their shape around the object it is placed on. Two metal recoiling strips run lengthwise layered inside the 4mm neoprene insulation. Hold the top section of the slap koozie by the end, grab the bottom section at both ends and straighten the bands. With one slap, your koozie will wrap itself around anything it finds itself in contact with. You can also roll the slap koozie up, stretch it flat, and stick in your pocket, purse, or backpack.

Magnetic Koozies

Magnetic Koozies stop you from spilling your beer while tailgating, which is a major party foul. Drinking warm beer is even worse. This neoprene collapsible koozie comes with a magnetic strip that attaches it to any metal surface. What a great way to keep your beer cold without taking up valuable tailgating table space. It attaches to anything steel. So when you are tailgating or camping it sticks right to the outside of your car, truck, RV, tractor or motorcycle!! It will even stick to your riding lawn mower!!

Wine Koozies

The Wine Bottle Koozie is an elegant way to keep your wine chilled at that perfect temperature while your out on the patio or on a picnic. Made of 100% Neoprene, these coozies are a perfect gift for a wine lover celebrating any occassion. Keeping your wine bottle covered when around the pool is also a nice safety feature. If someone happens to break the bottle then all of the glass remains inside the Wine koozie, making clean up a breeze!

Jumbo Bottle Koozies

The Jumbo Bottle Koozie is the Cadillac of them all! Made of Neoprene these come with an over-the-shoulder detachable carry strap, a zippered pocket for a cork screw or maybe your car keys. A draw string closure keeps whatever size bottle you are using secure. They hold 1 liter water bottles, wine bottles from standard size to 1 liter, and large sport drink bottles. Home brewers love these as their quart size beer bottles fit in this koozie keeping their favorite Home Brew really cold! We have actually put this type of coozie on a 1.5 liter water bottle, tight fit but it worked great!

40 Oz Beer Koozies

The 40 Oz koozie is unique to our company! It features a zipper and non skid bottom and fits all of your favorite Malt Liquor 40 Oz bottles. Made of 100% Neoprene this coozie keeps those big beer bottles cold while you party. Great for those who like to take 1 bottle of beer to the party! It's a 40 Oz bottle of high octane beer, you need to keep it cold!

Corona, Budweiser and Miller Brand Koozies

Licensed Foam Can Coolers keep a can of beer or soda cold even in the hottest weather. They fit a variety of can and bottle sizes. The Licensed Foam Can Coolers keep the condensation off your hands and gives your can or bottle a cool classic look. They are imprinted with many different brand name logos such as Budweiser™ (pictured left), Corona™ and Miller™.

Neoprene Golf Ball Caddy

The Golf Ball Caddy is the perfect Golf Accessory and Gift for the Golfer. The Golf Ball Caddy holds 4 Golf Balls and 2 Golf Tees and clips to the outside of your Golf Bag. Simply squeeze the Golf Ball Caddy and a Golf Ball Pops Out! No more digging through your Golf Bag to look for a ball!